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Greg is the founder of the company which he established way back in 1967. His original interest was fossils, then minerals and crystals leading to gemstones. He is an experienced lapidarian (gem cutter) and jewellery maker, having spent the past fifty-plus years perfecting his craft in this area. These days he ca be found at our shop at The Galleria, Ettalong Beach every weekend of the year.

Greg Cohen


Sandy has been the company’s Psychic. Medium and Past Life Facilitator since she joined with Greg way back in the late 1970s. She shares her love of all things spiritual along with her love of writing She initially handled all the paperwork and accounts, escalating her role in the company to co-write and edit the quarter1y newsletter “The Cabachon” and Jewellery Making book – Back to Basics with Greg. She is busy writing a handful of books, both non-fiction and fiction as you will see by the links below.

Sandy Cee

Company Director

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Sandy Cee is an Author of Fiction and Non-Fiction. Click below to read more about her books.

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